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Numbers 36-60 from East Window round walls to Porch

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36) (flat) In memory of William RENWICK, Meadowfield Corstorphine and Skateraw Innerwick, who died 30th March 1917 aged 70 and Margaret LAMBIE, his wife who died 23 April 1935 aged 83. Also their daughters Agnes Aikenhead who died 26th June 1945 aged 67. Jane Lambie who died 8th August 1950 aged 67. Lillias Lambie who died 23rd March 1964 aged 74. Margaret Lambie who died 22nd April 1969. Isabella who died 4th February 1971 aged 89.

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37) Here lieth John FOORD, Sheepherd who departed this life Feby the 15th 1795 aged 75 years.

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Traditionally this stone is part of the rock of Corstorphine Hill on which the shepherd was found dead. The small stone behind is said to mark his dog’s grave.

38) In loving memory of my dear husband, Roderick McDONALD who died 9th May 1930 aged 72. Also his wife Rosa WOODS who died 2nd Aug. 1941 aged 84.

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39) Erected by Sarah MARTIN in affectionate memory of her father John MARTIN, Corstorphine died 1824 aged 44 years and of her mother Sarah MORFIE his wife died 1861 aged 83 years. Also other members of the family whose remains with those of their father and mother lie buried here viz. Maria died 1839 aged 15 years.

From notes – Mary died 1847 aged 28. James. WATSON, farmer Broomhouse and Old Saughton died 1869 aged 62. John, farmer Inverleith Mains died 1869 aged 57. Sarah died 1875 aged 66. Dr W. THOMSON died 22nd March 1897, wife Hannah MARTIN died 16th December 1899.

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Sarah Morfie (Murphy), a native of Colchester an 18th Century army centre gave birth to her son James Watson in Ireland 1807. At that time James Watson of Saughton was serving in the army In Ireland. She married John Martin gardener at New Saughton and they had ground and a house at Paddockholm where after Martin’s death Sarah managed a market garden. Paddockholm belonged to the Saughton estate.

40) In memory of Margaret CLARK, wife of John Martin THOMSON M.B., C.M., J.P. who died at Willowbank House, Airdrie 10th July 1924 aged 66 years.

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41) Sacred to the memory of Janet MARTIN spouse of James DOWNIE, merchant Leith who departed this life on the 8th May 1839 aged 25 years. The above James Downie died 1841. James Martin DOWNIE, their son (farmer House O’ Hill died 1868 aged 34 – from notes.)

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42)  Sacred to the memory of Andrew JOHNSTON, Corstorphine who died 6th April 1820 aged 41 years and of his spouse Isabella KIDD who died 27th March 1822 aged 46 years. Also two of their grandchildren, John HARPER who died 13th February 1829 aged 3 years and 3 months, Isabella HARPER who died 9th November 1832 aged 8 years and 3 months. Also James HARPER, Farmer who died 8th October 1846 aged 50 years and Agnes JOHNSTON, wife of James HARPER, died 24th December 1858 aged 54 years.

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Andrew Johnston was a drayman and James Harper was a vintner and a farmer.

43) Front (not seen- stone lying face down- text from notes).
Erected by Robert and William HERBERT in memory of the father William HERBERT died 2nd February 1828 aged 52, mother Margaret BOYES died 22nd December 1858 aged 72. Family, Margaret died 6th December 1815 aged 6 months, Mark died 6th September 1821 aged 3 months, William died 11th June 1822 aged 14, Ann died 6th January 1826 aged 22, Jane Ann died 10th October 1828 aged 2, Isa died 23rd February 1841 aged 30, William died 17th November 1846 aged 23, Agnes died 24th March 1847 aged 42, Robert died 20th October 1891 aged 74, his wife Margaret WEIR died 22nd May 1921 aged 85.

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Christina CUNNINGHAM wife of John HERBERT died 18th June 1873 aged 63 years also John HERBERT who died 7th February 1874 aged 67 years and David HERBERT who died in New Zealand 25th July 1902 aged 73 years. Agnes, daughter of Robert HERBERT and wife of John CAMPBELL who died 25th June 1880 aged 25 years. The said John CAMPBELL who died 21st August 1897 aged 54 years. Also William HERBERT beloved husband of Mary E. RIDDELL who died 22nd July 1941 aged 82 years and his sister Mary HERBERT who died 3rd July 1942 aged 85 years. Also the above Mary E. RIDDELL who died 1st August 1954 aged 78 years.

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Robert Herbert d 1891, born in Thornhill Dumfries-shire, was a potato merchant living at Roseleaf Cottage. David, President of Corstorphine Friendly Society, emigrated to New Zealand 1875. The hire of the mortcloth for Ann’s funeral cost 8/-.

44) In memory of my dear husband, Owen BUTLER, who died 27th Dec. 1923 in his 64th year. Also our wee grandson Willie who died 18th April 1924 aged 1 year 10 months and our dearly beloved son Willie who died 19th Feb. 1933 in his 26th year. Also Elizabeth BROWN beloved wife of Owen BUTLER who died 18th Jan. 1956 aged 85 years.

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45) In loving memory of Reverend John RICHEY M.A. Rector of Desertgreat, County Tyrone who departed this life at Corstorphine 2nd October 1920, aged 85 years and of his wife Susanna who departed this life 21st October 1922 aged 74 years and our dear daughter Mary Ethel who departed this life 18th August 1943 aged 62 years.

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46) Erected by the family in loving memory of father & mother. Peter SCOTT died 23rd September 1940 aged 99 years, Margaret BRYCE died 16th April 1938 aged 89 years. Their daughter Ann, died 10th January 1940 aged 62 years, cremated at Edinburgh. Their son James died 8th January 1923 aged 37 years.

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47)  Margaret Rosamond MACALISTER died 24th August 1923 aged 76. Jane MACALISTER died 13th March 1930 aged 89.

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Belgrave Road.

48) In loving memory of our dear father William STEVENSON died 7th Oct. 1923 in his 54th year. Also our dear mother Roberta YOUNG died 9th Dec. 1946 in her 73rd year.

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49) In loving memory of my dear husband William BISHOP who died on 5th September 1930 in his 76th year. Also Margaret Ann Johnston CLARK widow of the above who died on 18th September 1960 in her 97th year. Also William BISHOP son of the above who died on 24th March 1989 in his 88th year.

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50) In memory of William YOUNG who died 23rd September 188(8) aged 50. His wife Agnes HERBERT died 24th March 1847 aged 42. Their sons William died in infancy 19th December 1831, David died in infancy 5th April 1847, William born 13th June 1840 died 1st January 1868, daughters Mary Ann died 1st march 1851 aged 23, Agnes born 13th April 1843 died 21st February 1882.

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51) (Stone broken/repaired) Erected by Margaret HERBERT in memory of her husband Thomas HERBERT who died 26th July 1870 aged 55 years – much regretted. The above Margaret GIBSON his wife.

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Joined Corstorphine Friendly society 1831 and President 1849.

52)  Sacred to the memory of Janet WALDIE. Wife of John WIGHT, who died 12th March 1879 aged 38 years. Hannah Mary, his daughter died 17th September 1887 aged 2 years. Agnes, his daughter, died 24th December 1915 aged 48. Hannah JONES, his wife, died 13th May 1921 aged 73 years. Adam Young, his son, died 12th April 1922 aged 38 years. The above John Wight, died 20th December 1922 aged 81 years. Constance Mary, wife of Adam Young, died 6th November 1966 aged 79 years. Catherine Shearer JONES, their daughter died 21st December 1993 aged 88 years.

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John Wight 1922 President Corstorphine Friendly Society: joiner, house carpenter and funeral undertaker, Westfield Cottage, Manse Road 1891.

53) (erosion) Eroded – taken from notes.
William IMRIE, wright, (Bel)mount died 9th March 1819 aged 76? Wife – Margaret LAMB died 2nd March 18(11?) aged 50 years. Son John died (7th) December 1840 aged 64. Daughter Eliz---? died 18(20?) aged 40, husband Thomas GRAHAM.

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Also Ma(rron) IMRIE daughter died 13th February (1833?) aged 50 son W(illiam) IMRIE died 9-------37.

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Wm Imrie was a wright at Brucehill (Belmont) and assistant 1793 to the 3rd key Corstorphine Friendly Society.
54) Erected to the memory of John FORMAN, late farmer in Corstorphine who died the 7th of July 1803 aged 45 years. Also Ann FLEEMING his spouse who died the 21st of October 1802 aged 27 years.
Also (Ann?) HEDRICK------66.

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Old parish church treasurer and elder 1792 – 1800. Farmer Clermiston.

55) Erected to the memory of William HOSIE, Gardener Corstorphine who died 2nd March 1807 aged 68 years. Also Charlotte HOSIE his daughter who died 5th March 1798 aged 26 years. And James HOSIEhis son who died 14th October 18(19) aged -4. Elizabeth HOSIE died 21st June 1818. Ro(bert) HOSIE------77.

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William Hosie was chief gardener to the Watson family at New Saughton (Cammo). He planted snowdrops brought from East Lothian. The walled garden at Cammo is still rich with snowdrops.

56) In memory of a beloved mother and sister Helen JOHNSTON died 12th April 1846. Margaret JOHNSTON died 18th September 1851

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57 (repaired) Sacred to the memory of Ann WALLACE daughter of Walter WALLACE Four Mill Hill who died 11th July 1799 aged one year and John who died 2nd April 18(29?) aged 17 years. Also Alexander who died on the 10th January 1823 aged 27 years.

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Back – William LOURIE Smith died 1st January 1783 aged 44. 3 Children. Peter WHITE died 8th May 1798 aged 84.

Peter White in Cramond married 1738 Grizzel Lawrie and they lived in North Gyle.

58) Erected by William BLAIKIE to the memory of his daughter Isabella BLAIKIE who died 16th August 1811 aged 2 years and 9 months. Also William BLAIKIE his son who died the 26th November 1811 aged 14 months.

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59) Erected by Thomas BLAIKIE in memory of his son Thomas Dickson Born 14th January 1893. Died 5th February 1898. Also his son Alexander who died of wounds 23rd November 1917 aged 24 years. And the above Thomas BLAIKIE who died 22nd? August 1931 aged 70 years.

From notes - His wife Jane DICKSON died 3rd February 1941 aged 78.

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The Third Battle of Ypres began August 1917.

60) T.B: Erected to the memory of John BLACKIE Feuar of Corstorphinehill who died the 15th of January 1780 aged 35 years. Also David Baxter GEEKIE who died 29th October 1907 aged 62 years and his wife Christina Blyth BLAIKIE who died 18th January 1934. Also their daughter Matilda GEEKIE who died 16th December 1949.

AB. Here lies the best of brothers, here the friend loving and beloved by all mankind. To him the noble virtues all were given to fit him to enjoy his native Heaven. Henceforth be every tender Tear supprest Or let us weep for joy the he is blest.

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See also number 255.

John Blackie (Blaikie) was the brother of Thomas Blaikie the celebrated Scots gardener to the French nobility. Their sister was Agnes.


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