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The majority of headstones are now linked to a photograph. Where there isn't one the explanation below applies.

Dave SMITH, fa Alex, mo Isa BROWN, w Margt MACK, d 7.6.1870, s Chas (w Eliz REID, da Mary)

Means the David Smith’s parents were Alexander Smith and Isabella Brown, his wife was Margaret Mack who died on the 7th of June 1870 and his son was Charles. Charles Smith married Elizabeth Reid and their daughter was Mary.

Relationship is to the first person named. Relationship within the brackets is to the name immediately before the brackets so Charles was married to Elizabeth Reid and they had a daughter Mary

Uncertain readings have question mark

Information lost since the previous survey will be underlined in the headstone text.

Uncertain readings have question mark or be underlined.

Headstones which do not have a photograph and have the text quoted from previous records will be underlined. Text no longer visible on a headstone, for whatever reason, will be underlined.





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