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2012 Foreword

Foreword to the 2012 Edition of the Graveyard Records

To The Reader

By 2011 it had become very apparent that the 1995 edition of the graveyard listing was becoming out of date. There was a variety of reasons for this - The City of Edinburgh Council carried out a survey of the graveyard and laid down all stones which had become unsafe or unstable – ‘vandal damage’ – additional inscriptions to the existing headstones – additional weather erosion and damage etc. There was even a new headstone(s) which had not been recorded as yet.

Additionally the current record of the graveyard (The Little Red Book) appeared to be the only copy available to Corstorphine Old Parish Church and as such it was felt to be vulnerable to loss or damage. Currently this book has been copied to a computer hard drive to ensure that the content of the Little Red Book will not be lost.

In due course all the headstones will be checked for correct details of the inscriptions and the text content. All changes and corrections found will be updated, and as this update proceeds the records will be reprinted, regularly, to keep it accurate and up to date. Photographs have been taken of the gravestones as they currently stand. Each entry will updated from this information, over period of time.

We wish to continue the interest in the Corstorphine Old Parish Church Graveyard and bring up to date the locally held records, and eventually make them totally searchable online.

K.D. Aitchison, D.R. Baird, G. Donaldson, 2012

Kevin Aitchison - Corstorphine Old Parish Church Member/ Corstorphine Trust Vice Chairman

Donald Baird - Corstorphine Old Parish Church Member/ Corstorphine Trust Exec Committee Member

Grant Donaldson - Corstorphine Trust Exec Committee Member

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