Corstorphine Old Parish Church

1995 Foreword

Foreword to the First Edition of the Graveyard Records

To the Reader

Recording the memorials in the old parish kirkyard in the summer of 1994 was a small way in which we felt we could preserve part of Corstorphine Past for Corstorphine Future.
It was interesting and thought provoking work, here we met descendants, from home and abroad, looking for those who had gone before. Here we met a happy little boy, who pointing to the church, said ‘That’s where Mr Brady works’. That comment spoke words for the minister: it also spoke words for the home which the boy was growing up.
Here through the memorials to death we were facing the mysteries of life. Here in the last decade of the 20th century, torn apart by nationalistic wars and man’s inhumanity, Francis Glog, farmer at Claycott and kirk elder in the opening years of the 18th century, spoke from his tombstone with it’s simple message of faith amidst tribulation as experienced by Job: ‘I know that my redeemer liveth’.
To those who come after us we pass on our interest in and our affection for Corstorphine and its history.

A.S. Cowper, M.S. Moncur

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